Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Current staff

Here you find the contact information of all current members of the chair in biotechnology.

The common phone number is +49 89 289-ext., where "ext." specifies the corresponding extension.


Name Extension E-Mail
Buchner Johannes, Prof. Dr. 13340 johannes.buchner(at)
Rubinstein Margot 13340 margot.rubinstein(at)
Administration SFB
Hilber Anna, M.A. 13338 anna.hilber(at)
Administration CIPSM
Suttner Marion 13338 marion.suttner(at)
Group leaders
Haslbeck Martin, Dr. rer. nat. 13367 martin.haslbeck(at)
Richter Klaus, Dr. rer. nat. 13342 klaus.richter(at)
Dahiya Vinay, Ph.D. 13191 vinay.dahiya(at)
Echtenkamp Frank, Dr. rer. nat. 13349 frank.echtenkamp(at)
Girstmair Hannah, Dr. rer. nat. 13179 hannah.girstmair(at)
Mymrikov Evgeny, Ph.D. 13367 evgeny.mymrikov(at)
PhD students
Back Katrin, Dipl.Chem. (Univ.) 13371 katrin.back(at)
Daake Marina, M.Sc. 13371 marina.daake(at)
Dehling Marco, M.Sc. 13367 marco.dehling(at)
Hack Gordon, M.Sc. 13191 gordon.hack(at)
John Christine, M.Sc. 13371 christine.john(at)
Mentzel Mareike, M.Sc. 13349 mareike.mentzel(at)
Papsdorf Katharina, M.Sc. 13342 katharina.papsdorf(at)
Preis Waldemar, M.Sc. 13367 waldemar.preis(at)
Rittinger Sabine, M.Sc. 13177 sabine.rittinger(at)
Rutz Daniel, M.Sc. 13179 daniel.rutz(at)
Sahasrabudhe Priyanka, M.Sc. 13349 priyanka.sahasrabudhe(at)
Schmid Philipp, M.Sc. 13177 philipp.w.schmid(at)
Schopf Florian, M.Sc. 13179 florian.schopf(at)
Schöppner Patricia, M.Sc. 13177 patricia.schoeppner(at)
Sima Siyuan, M.Sc. 13342 siyuan.sima(at)
Stiegler Sandrine, M.Sc. 13349 sandrine.stiegler(at)
Stratil Christopher, M.Sc. 13371 christopher.stratil(at)
Strauch Annika, M.Sc. 13367 annika.strauch(at)
Stutzer Christina, M.Sc. 13177 christina.stutzer(at)
Tippel Franziska, M.Sc. 13179 franziska.tippel(at)
Weber Benedikt, Apotheker 13191
Technical assistants
Feind Gina Maria 13367 ginamaria.feind(at)
Khan Ruby 13192 ruby.khan(at)
Liebscher Anja 13349 anja.liebscher(at)
Richter Bettina, Chem. Ing. 13191 bettina.richter(at)